The number of people who illegally immigrate to Europe is rising every year. For those who want to go to England, there are two borders to overcome. First there is the European external border, then comes the best protected inner European border, the English channel. This border is like a needle‘s eye, where migrants accumulate on their journey. Many of them are, due to the colonial past, family ties or simply because of their language skills connected with England. So they don‘t stop trying to cross. With the result, that the number of “illegal” Migrants in the area is constantly high.
On site there is no accommodation and no sanitary facilities provided, neither by the state or any non governmental organization. So it is self organized by the Migrants in the woods and bushes around the ports, the tunnel in Calais and the resting areas along the highways to the coast. Temporary dwellings occur, hidden at places, where no normal person would ever go. Non-places, somewhere in the nowhere, next to chemical plants, highways or agricultural land, where migrants hold out between fear of deportation and the hope of a better life in England.
Assuming that they will give up at some point, the government is doing everything to make the migrants life as difficult as possible. The police (CRS) patrols every day and indiscriminately arrests migrants on the road. Makeshift accommodations are destroyed with knifes and batons. Raids in the early morning are on the agenda etc.

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